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12.10.09 Darkstrand Appoints New Additions to Board of Directors and Names Chief Financial Officer
12.02.09 Darkstrand Adds Business Leaders Lisa Pollina and Robert Shapiro to Board of Directors
08.18.09 Darkstrand Appoints David Wilhelm to Advisory Board to Support Darkstrand’s Role in National Innovation
08.06.09 Darkstrand and National Center for Supercomputing Applications Join Forces to Speed Corporate Innovation
07.20.09 Industry Leaders Honor Darkstrand as a Technology Innovator
07.16.09 Darkstrand and University of Illinois at Chicago Join Forces for U.S. Global Business Competitiveness
06.03.09 Darkstrand and Ohio Supercomputer Center Join Forces for Corporate Supercomputing Access
05.14.09 Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center Joins Forces with Darkstrand to Advance Innovation and Collaboration
04.14.09 Calit2 at UC San Diego Teams with Darkstrand to Speed Innovation from Lab to Marketplace
02.17.09 Darkstrand Adds Technology Luminary William R. Wing, Ph.D, to Management Team as CTO
11.19.08 New Mexico Computing Applications Center Brings One of the World’s Fastest Supercomputers to Darkstrand Network
10.28.08 Darkstrand Enables Advanced Innovation and Collaboration through High-Speed Supercomputing Network and Corporate Access to Premier Research Communities
06.05.08 Premier U.S. Research Network Opens Door to Corporate America

Darkstrand Appoints David Wilhelm to Advisory Board to Support Darkstrand’s Role in National Innovation

Industry Veteran Provides Critical Expertise, Connecting Government and Corporations with High-speed Networking and Supercomputing Technology

CHICAGO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Today Darkstrand, a pioneer in corporate high-speed connectivity bridging research and commercialization, announced the addition of David Wilhelm to Darkstrand’s Board of Advisors.

Wilhelm is an American political leader and businessman. He is best known for managing campaigns for President Bill Clinton, Senator Paul Simon, Senator Joe Biden, and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, and for his leadership as chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Wilhelm’s career also includes a successful track record in bringing needed capital to support entrepreneurial innovation in the nation’s heartland. He is founder and president of Woodland Venture Management, and Founder and partner with Adena Ventures and Hopewell Ventures. This unusual combination of political knowledge and entrepreneurial acumen uniquely positions Wilhelm to help Darkstrand improve the country’s innovation infrastructure through high performance computing and high-speed connectivity. His advisory role will help fast forward national competitiveness through his understanding of public-private partnerships and the commercialization of university R&D.

“Through Darkstrand, with Wilhelm’s guidance, America’s civil and commercial innovation can be aggressively accelerated. We are enabling massive production data to seamlessly travel between geographic locations on Darkstrand’s network, allowing innovations to quickly transform from prototype to new product, and move into the marketplace,” said Michael Stein, CEO of Darkstrand. “Wilhelm’s advisory role will enable us to fast track this important work for our country.”

“Our country’s ability to innovate demands the kind of network infrastructure connected to high performance computing that Darkstrand provides. My role will help the company advance Darkstrand’s efforts to positively impact their national position in social and commercial innovation,” said Wilhelm. “Darkstrand takes the connectivity and innovation resources of leading research institutions and provides them to American businesses. I look forward to working with Darkstrand on this important work.”

About Darkstrand
Darkstrand, Inc. leverages enterprise-level network bandwidth to close the collaboration gap between corporations and research communities. Darkstrand is a pivotal corporate partner for solving real workflow, development and collaborative challenges, linking teams, facilities and suppliers into one ecosystem in a high-speed, networked grid environment via the National LambdaRail (NLR), a coast to coast 12,000-route mile optical network spread across 30 U.S. cities. Darkstrand shortens time to insight and expands productivity for companies wanting a competitive edge. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Darkstrand was established in 2005. For more information, visit

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